API Documentation

Download File

The file download is performed by invoking GET request against the <storage endpoint url>/retrieveFile.php (from Storage Endpoint GET). The endpoint url must be the storage endpoint that hosts the referenced syncpoint.


Resource URL

<storage endpoint url>/retrieveFile.php?vToken={V_TOKEN}


URL Query Parameters

Param Name Required Description Data Type
{V_TOKEN} Yes File identificator in format <syncpoint id>-<last file version id> Example: V_TOKEN: 9999999-11111111     String


HTTP Header Parameters

Name Value Description
As-User (optional) Valid user GUID A Global Administrator, or eDiscovery Administrator who has been assigned the corresponding privilege, can enter another user’s GUID so that all Content API actions are performed on behalf of that user. If this header is not used or the Administrator has not been assigned the corresponding privilege, the API works on behalf of the currently authenticated Global or eDiscovery Administrator.
AppKey (required) <app_key> Consumer Key of the app from Developer Portal
Authorization (required)


Bearer  <token>


Bearer token
Syncplicity-Storage-Authorization (required for SVA)   Storage token for a StorageVault configured with Authentication (see Setup Procedure, step 4)
Range (optional) <offset>- <offset> is a start byte of file to be downloaded in case download resume is required.

NOTE: The '-' after <offset> implies from offset to the end of the file.


File stream of downloaded file.


Response Error Details

HTTP Code Error Code Description
400 (Bad request) Bad request
401 (Not authorized) Invalid authorization or storage token