API Documentation

Managing Your Apps

In order to manage your apps, go to My Apps page in the Developer Portal. Here you can take the following actions:

  • Register one or more of your apps to obtain App Key and App Secret that are generated by app
  • Manage your development team that needs to access the application
  • Monitor your app usage metrics


Before registering your app

Before creating an app, you should also consider the following as part of your app design process:

  1. Decide on the name of the app.
  2. If you plan to have an image for your app for OAuth, have the graphic file (256x256, or 512x512) available for upload. You can upload this later as well.
  3. Review the Syncplicity APIs to identify APIs that you need to use to meet your use cases.
  4. Optionally, you can download sample code to jumpstart your development process.


Registering your app

You can register your app by clicking on My Apps menu and then Create App button. Creating an app is straightforward. You need to do the following:

  1. Provide a unique name for your app
  2. Provide description for your app.
  3. Optionally, upload a 256x256 or 512x512 pixel icon for your app.
  4. Check the box to accept API Terms of Use & License.
  5. Hit Save.


Managing app settings

After you hit Save, your app will be created and the OAuth keys for your app (App Key and App Secret) are automatically generated by the Developer Portal. Hereafter, you will always be table to the Settings page for you app so that you can easily access the OAuth keys, manage your team and do more. Here is a list of things that you can manage on this page.

Field Name Type Description
App Key & App Secret n/a App key pair - App Key and App Secret, provide a simple mechanism for authenticating apps as part of the OAuth process. Syncplicity Developer Portal generates the App key pair when create your app. Currently, there is no way to refresh these keys besides deleting your current app and creating another one.
Redirect URI Optional The redirect URI is the URL within your application that will receive the OAuth2 credentials.
Default Scope Optional Select the default scope required by your application based on the operations it needs to perform. The supported options are "Read" and "Read/Write". The default scope set at "Read" unless updated otherwise.
Developers Optional You can add more developers who can access your app within the Developer Portal. You can add them providing their email address and role (owner or developer) for that app. Only owners can delete the app.

Take a look at the screenshot of the Settings page for a sample app below.


Monitoring app usage metrics

Once your application is published and is being used by your enterprise or your customers, Syncplicity Developer Portal allows you to monitor you app. You can monitor the following metrics over a period of time:

  • Throughput
  • Max Response Time
  • Min Response Time
  • Endpoint Response Time
  • Message Count
  • Error Count
  • User Count


Here is a sample throughput data for a given time window: