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Policysets GET


Policysets GET

Retrieve the PolicySet definition and current settings associated with the given user and PolicySet type. A policyset is a grouping of various policies that should be applied concurrently. Policy sets can be applied by name and Id to various parts of the system including storage systems, user groups and allow the administrator to control the various behaviors of the Syncplicity system by the specific attributes of the policy definitions.
Required Scope: Policies, Read

Resource URL

https://api.syncplicity.com/ provisioning/policysets.svc/

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

If specified, the policysets for the specified user Id are returned. Otherwise, the PolicySets of the current application user are returned. If the query string parameter user is specified, the user must be an administrator of the company of the specified user or support tools


If specified, only policysets of that entity type will be returned. Otherwise, all types of policysets will be returned.

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

Consumer Key of the app from Developer Portal


Accept type of the request

Request Body

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Response Payload Example


Response Payload Schema

Response Error Details

  • HTTP Code
    Error Code
  • 400

    (Bad Request) - Not A Business Admin
    (Bad Request) - Invalid User Id: The supplied userId is invalid

  • 403

    (Forbidden) - Request Came From An Unapproved IP Address
    (Forbidden) - Not A Business Admin: The current user is not an administrator and the "user" query parameter is specified
    (Forbidden) - Not This Company User: "user" query parameter is specified but the user is not from current company

  • 404

    The "user" query parameter is specified, but the user does not exist