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Users POST


Users POST

This API allows you to create one or more users in the system. The response will contain only those users that have been successfully created. Users that were not created will not appear in the response list. If an error occurred during the user creation process, the API will return a non-200 HTTP status code.
Note: the number of users created cannot exceed the number of users provisioned in the account. In addition, the application must be working on behalf of an authorized administrator account.
Required Scope: Users, Create

Resource URL

https://api.syncplicity.com/ provisioning/users.svc/

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

A modifier to the API's behavior. If the value is 'no_email' an email is not sent to the specified user upon successful creation. If the value is 'simulate', then this API call is a dry-run, no users are created. If the value is empty, then the API will attempt to create the specified users.

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

Consumer Key of the app from Developer Portal


Accept type of the request


Content-Type of the request

Body Parameters

Name Values Description

Request Body

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Response Payload Example


Response Payload Schema

Response Error Details

  • HTTP Code
    Error Code
  • 400

    (Bad request) - Email address was not set or was invalid
    (Bad request) - FirstName must be set or LastName must be set
    (Bad request) - Password must be set: Password was not set
    (Bad request) - EmailAddress In Use: The provided email address is already in use by another user
    (Bad request) - Email Domain Restricted: The domain of the email address provided is restricted from signing up
    (Bad request) - Password too weak: The password provided does not meet complexity requirements

  • 401

    (Unauthorized) - Not Authorized: The token is invalid, the header is missing, or the user is inactive

  • 402

    (Payment Required) - Company Seat Count Exceeded: No available seats are available in the specified company

  • 403

    (Forbidden) - Not A Business Admin: The user attempting to execute this request is not a company administrator
    (Forbidden) - Not A Business Admin: only global administrator is able to create another admin