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Syncpoint PUT


Syncpoint PUT

Updates a Syncpoint specified by the ID. This call can be used to update properties of the Syncpoint, as well as map or un-map a Syncpoint from an endpoint. Included properties of the input are updated if the values don't match existing values stored on the server, otherwise inputs are ignored if unchanged. Therefore, only changed values need be sent in the JSON input.
Specify at least one of 'restore_' parameters to restore removed syncpoint. PUT for inactive syncpoint allows only restore syncpoint action. No other properties will be changed during syncpoint restore.
Required Scope: Files/Folder Metadata, Update


URL Parameters

  • Param Name
    ID of the syncpoint

Resource URL

https://api.syncplicity.com/ syncpoint/syncpoint.svc/{SYNCPOINT_ID}

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

Modifier for Syncpoint participants restoration.
Next values are possible: 'restore_with_participants','restore_without_participants', 'restore_ownership_with_participants', 'restore_ownership_without_participants'.


Modifier for Syncpoint content restoration.
Next values are possible: 'restore_with_content', 'restore_without_content'.

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

Consumer Key of the app from Developer Portal


Accept type of the request


Content-Type of the request


A Global Administrator, or eDiscovery Administrator who has been assigned the corresponding privilege, can enter another user’s GUID so that all Content API actions are performed on behalf of that user. If this header is not used or the Administrator has not been assigned the corresponding privilege, the API works on behalf of the currently authenticated Global or eDiscovery Administrator.

Body Parameters

Name Values Description

Request Body

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Response Payload Example


Response Payload Schema

Response Error Details

  • HTTP Code
    Error Code
  • 400

    Format of the supplied email address is wrong
    Invalid Folder Name
    Owner User Not Exist
    Purging Active Folder Not Allowed

  • 403

    (Forbidden) - Not A Business - Admin Current user is not an administrator and the "user" query parameter is specified
    (Forbidden) - User Not Authorized For Action
    (Forbidden) - Syncpoint Shared With Reader Permission
    (Forbidden) - Syncpoint Rename Forbidden
    (Forbidden) - Invalid Folder Name
    (Forbidden) - User Not Authorized for Resharing Management
    (Forbidden) - SyncplicityDrive Feature Is Disabled
    (Forbidden) - SyncpointType Change Is Allowed Only To Custom And Drive Types
    (Forbidden) - SyncpointType Change Is Allowed Only For Custom And Drive Types
    (Forbidden) - User Not Authorized for Syncpoint Type Management
    (Forbidden) - Subfolder Sharing Change Type Forbidden
    (Forbidden) - Syncpoint Change Owner Forbidden
    (Forbidden) - Only Company Users Allowed
    (Forbidden) - Subfolder Sharing Change Owner Forbidden
    (Forbidden) - Parent Or Child Syncpoint Already Mapped